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Standards of Behavior

We believe...

All students have the right to learn and all teachers have the right to teach in a safe and caring environment.  All students have equal access to learning environments with high expectations and opportunities for success. 

In fairness to all, student behaviors that impede the learning process must be addressed swiftly and corrected.

There are TWO main parts to the behavior standard:

  • Respect all people and property
  • Obey directions of all staff the first time

Some important safety rules to remember are:

  • NO personal toys or games are permitted
  • NO gum chewing
  • NO running in the hallways
  • NO bullying or intimidation
  • NO inappropriate, vulgar or profane language
  • NO fighting
  • NO weapons or drugs on campus ~ even toys or fake substances
  • NO heelies, in-line skates, or scooters

Under NO circumstances will the school staff be responsible for for items that are prohibited at school, such as ipods, electronic games, etc. 

Cell phones are a "safety net" for many children, but the school is NOT responsible for them.  During school hours they must remain off and hidden away in students' backpacks.  To avoid temptation, please advise your child NOT to tell other students that they have one in their possession.

For a more complete list of discipline issues and consequences, please refer to the OUSD Standards for Student Behavior that was sent home on the first day of school. It can also be found on the district website.