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Online Resources

ST Math - Hep Jiji the penguin by solving problems (must have memorized all 13 characters)

From a computer

  1. Go to
  2. Enter school activation code: EGG73P-H3T-6M-VLC
  3. Once the Code has been entered follow the onscreen instructions from there. Accept the defaults.
  4. Have your child enter in their 13 picture password

From a tablet or phone

  1. Search for "ST Math" in the App Store (for iPad), or on google Play or the Amazon app Store (for Kindle Fire and other Android tablets). 
  2. Enter the School ID and homework password              School ID: EGG73P        Password: H3T6MVLC
  3. (On Kindle Fire and Android, if asked for an Activation Code" enter: EGG73P-H3T-6M-VLC)
  4. Have your child enter in their 13 picture password