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Mystery Science Club
Mystery Science
Virtual Halloween Party
Virtual Halloween
Cooking with Chef Combs

Alberto cookingJoey cooking


Gardening Club

Do you want to learn how to grow flowers, herbs or even your own veggies? Join the Gardening Club!  

Mondays at 1:30pm  Zoom Meeting Link      Meeting ID: 741 6692 1957                              Passcode: atp

Travel Training

Come join us as we learn the rules to ride the public bus and train and learn how to stay safe and calm in the community if the unexpected occurs. We will learn how to plan trips with bus routes included.  

Mondays at 1:30pm  Zoom Meeting Link        Meeting ID: 756 1967 0009                             Passcode: atp

Basic Auto Tune Up

If you are passionate about cars, take your first step toward learning more about auto repair. You'll gain the knowledge and  basic skills necessary to work on your own car or help out with your family car.

What you will learn: automotive tune ups, light maintenance, electrical systems, emission controls, brakes, and tires.

No automotive experience necessary.

This club will be open to all students via Zoom lectures and YouTube.

Mondays at 1:30pm  Zoom Meeting Link      Meeting ID: 715 1195 8889                              Passcode: atp

Mystery Science

Are you curious about the world around you? Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue, or where gold comes from? 

Please join us for Mystery Science with Mystery Doug and learn about the world around us. Mystery Science aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, and each Mystery is aligned to a topic, performance expectations, science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts. But, this is way more than just functional academics, it is super engaging and fun! You can also practice your social and communication skills as we develop a curiosity of the world around us. What are YOU curious about? We can ask Doug! This is so fun, engaging and entertaining that we even forget we are learning too! Highly recommended for all levels.

Tuesdays at 1:30pm Zoom Meeting Link      Meeting ID: 788 0609 4565                              Passcode: atp

Thursdays at 1:30pm Zoom Meeting Link    Meeting ID: 925 8097 2166                            Passcode: atp

Fridays at 1:30pm Zoom Meeting Link           Meeting ID: 917 7386 9813                            Passcode: atp

Yoga with Jeff

Come move your body and rest your mind!

All students, families and staff are welcome to join! 

No experience needed. 

Tuesdays at 1:30pm  Zoom Meeting Link      Meeting ID: 789 6348 8211                              Passcode: atp

Fridays at 1:30pm  Zoom Meeting Link         Meeting ID: 775 0412 5129                            Passcode: atp

Cooking for Fun

Join us for a fun cooking class! We will learn some fun delicious recipes. We will also learn about how to use some common kitchen items. Let’s learn about independent living skills together in the kitchen!

Tuesdays at 1:30pm   Zoom Meeting Link    Meeting ID: 850 4602 8661                             Passcode: atp       

Driver's Ed Club

Learn the rules of the road and the different parts of the Department of Motor Vehicle driving manual.

Tuesdays at 1:30pm   Zoom Meeting Link    Meeting ID: 791 8857 4523                             Passcode: atp

Cooking with Chef combs

Come and learn how to cook some simple but delicious meals. We will also learn basic kitchen safety and what different items in the kitchen are used for.

Wednesdays at 1:30pm Zoom Meeting Link. Meeting ID: 772 3326 9565                              Passcode: atp

Job REadiness

Participate in tasks that will help you learn the required skills that are needed for a future job.

Wednesdays at 1:30pm   Zoom Meeting Link Meeting ID: 843 9657 3336                             Passcode: atp

Travel Adventures

You will explore, listen, and visit the world as your classroom.

Wednesdays at 1:30pm  Zoom Meeting Link Meeting ID:  747 7667 3471                            Passcode: atp

Art, Music & Movement

The focus is to enable students in choosing constructive and personally satisfying leisure activities in school, home, and the community. 

Musical activities.

Ability to choose rec and leisure activities.

Social interaction and develop hobbies.

Gain knowledge of sports and game rules.

Set personal goals.

Most of all we have fun!

Thursdays at 1:30pm  Zoom Meeting Link    Meeting ID: 743 9293 0665                              Passcode: atp

Fitness and Healthy Food

What are healthy foods, locally and internationally? Learn a healthy and safe fitness routine that can be modified to your ability and comfort level.

Thursdays at 1:30pm  Zoom Meeting Link    Meeting ID: 766 1451 8212                             Passcode: atp

Music Around Us

Music can give us joy, inspiration, and motivation.

Join Mr. Jim in music class where you can hear and see songs from a variety of genres, along with the lyrics so you can feel free to sing along. You can also choose to sing a song Karaoke-style! Join the chorus!  If you play an instrument, join in!!

Fridays at 1:30pm  Zoom Meeting Link         Meeting ID: 751 1599 6614                            Passcode: atp