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Garrison Elementary Behavior Expectations

Parents' PBIS powerpoint

Students' PBIS powerpoint


We have reviewed the expectations with students during an assembly on August 30th.  The station rotations where we teach the expectations will take place on September 5th. 


What is PBIS?

Garrison follows a school-wide positive behavior program called P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). Rather than TELLING the kids what they are doing wrong; it redirects them in a positive approach and ASKS them if they are behaving in a safe, respectful and responsible manner. The expectations for all of the common areas of school (the cafeteria, office, hallways, restrooms, etc.) are posted around the school as well as in every classroom. The students attend an assembly in September and January and take a P.B.I.S. "tour" of the school where all of the expectations are clearly given to every class by staff members. The most exciting part is that all staff members can distribute BEST cards. If students are caught being especially safe, respectful and/or responsible, they can earn a BEST card. BEST cards will be read at the end of the week and those receiving cards during the week get an opportunity to win a prize. What better way to end the week than the whole school hearing your name for excellent, positive behavior?! This puts the ownership of their behavior back on them. This will also reinforce positive behavior both at home and at school. If you have any further questions about this national, researched based program, see the website

We have a positive approach to discipline which focuses on Being Safe, Respectful, Responsible, and doing the personal best. Students are expected to make choices and experience the consequences of their choices. Students are likely to respond to their environment in positive ways when favorable conditions exist. A classroom climate that encourages learning and decision making, and is risk free will encourage the students to do and act their best. Students that are encouraged to reach higher levels of thinking and are involved in hands-on and personal and collaborative projects are more apt to behave in positive ways. Everyone on staff becomes a model for students. Students who are greeted at the beginning of the day and end with a good-bye want to come to school and do their best. Parent communication about behavior helps parents understand the classroom policies.

Garrison has four main behavioral expectations:
Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Do your personal best


Garrison Elementary helps to manage behavior using a comprehensive system called Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). Behavior support comes to students through three levels: universal support (Tier 1), secondary support (Tier 2), and tertiary support (Tier 3).

Tier 1: Universal Support

Tier 1 supports are those programs and procedures that apply to all students. Everyone who comes to Garrison Elementary has their positive behavior taught and reinforced through PBIS tickets, cool tools, and other supports. Research shows that Tier 1 supports are adequate for 85-90% of students in the school.

Tier 2: Secondary Supports

For students who need support beyond Tier 1, Tier 2 gives students more individualized support based on their behavioral needs. These supports begin with a system called Check-In/Check-Out (CICO), a behavior monitoring tool. If more support is needed, additional behavioral interventions are added. This level of intervention should be enough support for 5-10% of students.

Tertiary Support

In the rare cases when it is necessary, students may receive further intervention at Tier 3, which works with individual students and their families. Research says that 5% or less of students will reach this level of support.

Tier 1: Universal Supports

Garrison Elementary wants every student to be successful; we realize we must teach correct behavior and support students by giving them several chances to learn and understand the schools behavior expectations.


During school, students engaging in appropriate behavior receive compliment pages called PBIS Tickets. Students receive PBIS Tickets when they are caught€ following our schools behavior expectations. PBIS Ticket drawings are held over morning announcements each morning. These allow the students to be positively recognized to the whole school.

Each month, if the school-wide goal of PBIS Tickers is met, the student body receives a prize in recognition of their success. This generally takes the form of a fun activity each month.